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Dagiac Storms Halong Bay on Video Shoot with Rising Stars: Halong Hub

Dagiac’s latest video production took place on the stunning waters of Northern Vietnam’s Halong Bay, as their client, Halong Hub, set out to become the first to conduct professional level cruise reviews of the tours operating in the bay. The crew arrived at Tuan Chau Marina at 7.30am on the 8th of November – the

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How to Optimize On-Page SEO for the Product Page of Your Travel Website

SEO is a critical factor for the success of your travel website, and because of the nature of your business, your product page leaves little room for error. You don’t have hundreds of listings, you probably only have a few, or even just one. This is why it’s extremely important that you follow strict SEO

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Expand Your Tourism & Hospitality Businesses with Facebook Ad Tools

If you knew there was a simple way to increase your reach, and captivate your audience while experiencing minimal cost, wouldn’t you want to know how? Millions of people are using Facebook for communication, entertainment, and information searches every day. The advantages of using a social network like Facebook are vast, so vast that it


How to Find Long-tail Keywords for Tourism Blog Posts

Keyword planning is essential to ensure your blog posts are ranking highly enough in the search engine. One method of creating higher ranking and more competitive keyword combinations is by using long-tail keywords. Why You Should Use Long-tail Keywords for Tourism Blog Posts A long-tail keyword is a key-’word’ that is comprised of more than

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5 Tips to Build Your Own Massive Instagram for Travel & Tourism

Instagram has some of the highest number of active users and levels of engagement of any social media platform in the world, which makes it an essential marketing tool for any modern tourism business. Overview The latest stats show that Instagram boasts over 700 million active users. Let that sink in for a minute. Seven.

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Facebook Organic Reach – Things Tourism Businesses Need to Know

Facebook’s rulebook is constantly changing, so it’s important for your tourism business to ensure its social media content is actually getting seen. Problems In a nutshell, organic reach on Facebook is no longer prioritising you the way it used to. The social media mammoth is changing the way we play the game constantly, and what


Free SEO Tools to Help You Write Perfect Tourism Content

The process of optimizing your tourism content can appear to be an arduous task, but if you have the right tools it certainly doesn’t have to be. Our team of experts got together and compiled a list of our favourite free SEO tools to help create perfect SEO content. Tool for keyword research: Google Adwords

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9 Steps on Publishing SEO Friendly Content for your Tourism Website

The Importance of SEO Friendly Content Writing for Websites in Tourism When writing content for your tourism website, it is no longer simply enough to just create nice, readable copy. SEO friendly content writing (search engine optimization) is absolutely tantamount to the copy itself, as this is what makes your content visible to your audience. SEO

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Dagiac designed new Vietnam Is Awesome logo and branding materials

Several weeks ago, we were approached by the founding member of Vietnam Is Awesome (VIA) who was seeking expertise for a new logo design. VIA is a highly active online community for both expats and tourists in Vietnam – connecting foreigners and locals together with positive stories, photos and videos. Philip, the founder, had some

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5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Tourism Business Websites

Clients are constantly asking to grow their business in the digital world, in order to increase their market share. They may own their website, but still do not have the necessary skills to manage it and attract customers. Most businesses and organizations need to have a Content Management System or CMS, that’s easy to use

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5 reasons Tourism businesses need a Digital Marketing strategy in 2017

Travel and Leisure is now turning into a big industry where many tourism agencies, corporations and groups in the market try to dominate others aggressively. Of course, there are many paths to achieve advantages over competition like utilizing better services, pricing strategies, attractive deals and offers, etc. One of the most powerful cards in the